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Welcome to our English Goldendoodle nursery. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures of our adorable boys and girls. I have additional pictures of each puppy available upon request. There are no hidden additional charges. The price covers everything including:


All shipping costs

Two-year health guarantee

ACHC registration papers

Vaccination records


Puppy Care Book

Small bag of Royal Canin puppy food

Nice plastic crate

Health Certificate

Current Vaccinations and dewormings

Free month of Trupanion Pet Insurance


The puppies are here!!


Daisy & Max


We are excited to annouce our newest little additions to our family! Daisy is the proud momma to six beautiful Standard English Goldendoodle puppies! They are all healthy and already growing quickly.


Daisy is an amazing girl. She is our fun-loving, playful one! Daisy is AKC with full English bloodlines! Two of her grandparents are international champions! She has a gorgeous build and a beautiful, think, silky coat. Daisy is OFA cardiac certified and has her prelimary certifications for hips and elbows.


Max is our stunning Standard Poodle! He has an amazing build and is everything you could hope for. He has a great temperament, is so eager to please, and loves to play. He always wants to be in the center of everything we do. He has a beautiful cream coat that's almost white and a handsome prance when he walks. He is AKC and is in the process of completing his OFA testing.


We are taking reservations for the these precious puppies now! I have additional pictures of each of them I'd be happy to email if you are interested. Don't hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to help you get to know them better and help you find the perfect little match for your family! We'd love to hear from you!!




Lily - English Goldendoodle Female - Born 9/2/2013 - Going Home!!


Lily is going home to the Cooper family in MN!!


Lily is a very sweet little girl. She is very affectionate and full of energy. She will quickly win your heart. She has a gorgeous creme coat and her momma's sweet personality. She's a perfect Goldendoodle mix with her adorable teddy bear face and wavy coat that's so soft. She has the sweetest personality and loves everyone she meets. She seems to be favoring her English Golden Retriever mom with her gorgeous big eyes and floppy ears!


Ava - English Goldendoodle Female - Born 9/2/2013 - Going Home!!


Ava is going home to the Welker family in St. Louis!!


Ava is a very, very sweet little girl. She's very feminine and dainty and all girl. She has a gorgeous creme coat with adorable loose curl. She's has an incredible personality and is such a loving little girl but she still loves to play and is always up for adventure. She's going to bring a lot of joy to her new home. She's tiny now and full of confidence. She's slightly smaller than her siblings but has more than enough spunk to keep up with all of them.

Olivia - English Goldendoodle Female - Born 9/2/2013 - Going Home!!


Olivia is absolutely gorgeous! She has a beautiful, creme coat with the cutest bit of white right on top of her head just perfect for kissing! She is going to be so beautiful! Her personality is very loving and she's very confident and playful. She's such a happy and once her tail starts wagging it won't stop! She has one of the best personalities I've ever seen and has never met a stranger. She's going to be a beautiful little girl when she grows up and will be a wonderful little addition!

Bella - English Goldendoodle Female - Born 9/2/2013 - Going Home!!


Bella is our feminine little girl. She is very dainty and gentle but still loves to ruff and tumble with her brothers. She is our little social butterfly and is very affectionate and loyal. She's easy going and lets my daughters dress her up and will sit and play all afternoon. She has a gorgeous face and beautiful creme coat with a black button nose and perfect black points. Bella has a very fun-loving, joyful personality and is always happy.

Ryder - English Goldendoodle Male - Born 9/2/13 - Going Home!!

Ryder is going home to the Ruta family in PA!!


Ryder is gorgeous! This little boy is so sweet and always loving. He has a beautiful Teddy Bear face. He's a little cuddle bug but has the most adorable playful side. Ryder is very gentle and loves to be with our children gets along great with everyone he's met! He has the straightest coat of his siblings with adorable wave and a lot of fluff. He seems to be taking after his English Creme Golden Retriever mom.

Tucker - English Goldendoodle Male - Born 9/2/2013 - Going Home!!


Tucker has an incredible personality. He's never met anyone who wasn't instantly his best friend! He has the most adorable Goldendoodle teddy bear face. He is very high quality and should be absolutely gorgeous! He has a beautiful, silky, creme coat with adorable wave. He's so soft! He has a very playful temperament and loves to be held and cuddled. Tucker is going to be a wonderful little friend.








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